The Beach is Calling

Today we leave for a week with our youngest son and his family at the beach. We mostly see them once a year, and some years twice at best. It’s not easy when the little ones are growing and changing so fast. So we make the most of it when we can be together.

Last year they picked giant lima beans from my garden . . .

Piper picking butter beans
River picking butter beans

Piper and the beans

. . . and went on a river cruise, and splashed in the local splash pad. Just a normal family vacation at our place.

This time we will both drive for several hours to meet at a central beach location, which turns out to be Wilmington, North Carolina. Jim and I have been there before, and it’s a beautiful place. Should be fun. The two of us like road trips and finding little treasures along the way.

The paintings I was working on are sent off to the gallery, which is always bittersweet for me. I know I’ll likely never see them again. The gallery had recently sold more than these, so I need to start more of them when I get back. It’s always nice to have a “reason” to paint. Although, one never really needs a reason.

Here is a grouping of the complete collection that I sent this time. I’ll show you individual closeups in future posts. You’ve already seen the one with the black spatters, bottom row, second from left, in my previous post. If you click on this grouping and then click again to magnify, you can get a pretty good closeup of these.

10 panels, acrylics and mixed media, 8x8x2 inches

10 panels, acrylics and mixed media, 8x8x2 inches

Have a wonderful and creative upcoming week. See you at the end of the month.

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