The world has shrunk. Yun and I planned our trip to Burma a while ago. I was looking at photos on my Facebook feed and noticed a girl I had once worked with posted a photo of herself in Burma. I figured she must have just visited there so I wrote to her. Turns out she was actually living in Yangon. What are the odds of that. Her name is Perrie Briskin. Because I am an artist, I somehow have over eight thousand art followers on Facebook. Perrie happened to be one of those followers. Years ago, we worked together at The Barbarian group. We knew each other to say hello but that was about it. Now here I was traveling to the end of the earth and she was going to hang out with my wife and I. Perrie has been living and working there for over a year. She is an interesting person to say the least. Perrie is a tall, beautiful individual. My wife hit it off with her immediately. She took us out to a crazy Indian restaurant to eat. She told us all about life in such a far away place. We told her we were flying to Bagan and wouldn't see her anymore. Perrie then informed us she was going to be there too. A couple of her close girlfriends were coming to visit her and have an adventure. They were to arrive in Bagan one day after we arrived. What are the odds? So we got to hang out with her again in an even more exotic city. After our experience, Perrie is no longer just a pretty girl I used to work with but a friend for life.
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