Pastel Pick of the Week | Zaria Forman at Winston Wächter

Whether you’re stunned by the detailed rendering, amazed by the sheer scale, stirred by the challenging statement about climate change, or all of the above, Zaria Forman’s pastels of water and ice do provoke a strong response. The artist’s solo exhibition, SLIP, is currently being shown—now through October 17—at Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York. The gallery writes that the show features “intricate pastel drawings of ice and water in various, shifting states” and presents “a meditation on the role of climate change on earth’s most common element.”


Deception Island, Antarctica (pastel, 72×128) by Zaria Forman

Forman’s pastels—painted in a limited palette of cool blues, grays and whites—document the melting icebergs in Greenland, the rising sea levels that threaten island nations like the Maldives, the glaciers of Antarctica, and the beaches of Hawaii—all places where climate change is most evident. The gallery writes: “Amid important conversations on climate change that too often sway toward pessimism or worse, apathy, Forman presents a poetic and nuanced optimism.”

For more information about the artist and the solo exhibition, visit the Winston Wachter website.



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