Painting Again

Nothing lifts my mood more than working on a canvas larger than the usual 16 to 24-inch range. I can create with my work on a table top — working on small paintings or collage — and even sit in a chair as I’m doing it. And that is satisfying to a point. But with my work on the wall or an easel, walking around, moving in and back, standing even farther back to contemplate the work, and letting the studio music guide my brush (and my feet), is a more meditative process. I realized I have missed this, and am resolved to plan this into my studio time again.

This 30 x 40 inch painting is one that had been put aside for years. The truth is that it was already too dark. I was just playing around with it, using lots of color, and this first picture is the result of my first day of work on it. I kind of liked where it was going, enjoying the wild complementary colors, so I posted it to Facebook last week. Several people commented that I should stop. Well, you know where this is going, don’t you?


This next one is the “after” shot. The whole thing became a blue painting with just little shots of pinks, oranges, and yellow. I like it, but am putting it aside again. It hasn’t indicated to me that it’s finished quite yet. Note: but now, looking at it on screen again after a few days, it might be.


This painting is very much within the style of the large-scale paintings I was doing up until about 2010. And then I moved into more and more texture. But when I saw a whole show of my older works at the Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts back in August, it made me want to go through the motions of that ingrained memory of that way of painting. It feels good.

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