Ceramics Postscript

In my ceramics studio there are very few men. There are a lot of housewives, of which I am one. I'm not sure what they thought of me at first. It is not so easy to acclimate, especially when you screw up everything you do. Some of these women are supremely talented. Their works of art in pottery blow my mind. It can be quite intimidating. Ever so slowly I thought I was making some headway but I didn't really know for sure. Rebecca is a quiet, pretty hippy type woman whose pieces are so intricate that she must be some idiot savant. I was so mesmerized by her work that I timidly started to talk to her a few times. At least I could could say hello to her by name. One day, I was standing next to her and staring in disbelief at something she was doing. She looked at me and said in a very low voice,"you know, all the women have been talking about you." SAY WHAT? Rebecca told me that my pieces were starting to make some noise and people kept asking whose work mine was when it came out of the kilns. I was in utter shock and disbelief. These women are super excellent, so this caught me off guard. I was thrilled about it though. I noticed the ladies were using my name and saying hello to me after that. Somehow I had done it and cracked the code. Now I am just another of the groovy housewives making cool ceramics in a scary part of Brooklyn.
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