Another One Bites The Dust

This is the third in my series of vegan ceramic sculptures about the mistreatment of animals for our food source. Contrary to popular myth, mounting scientific evidence shows that fish can suffer fear and pain. (1) Far more fish are exploited than any other category of animals, and they are subjected to the worst abuses. Yet, they have the least legal protection and receive the least concern for their well-being, even from the animal protection community. Globally, an estimated one to three trillion wild-caught fishes and 37 – 120 billion farmed fishes are killed commercially for food each year. Hundreds of millions more are killed for “sport” each year in the U.S. alone. Fishes are also increasingly replacing other animals for scientific experimentation. Approximately one-quarter of all the animals used for research and education in North America are fish. Additionally, some 1.5 billion are used for aquariums.
Source : tommykane[dot]blogspot[dot]com