You Need to Know How to Profit from Art Shows

How to Profit from Art Shows

Can You Use Some New Thinking on How to Profit from Art Shows?

There are some smart, experienced people roaming the art patch. Owen Garratt is a prime example. He’s been self-employed as a full-time artist for 20 years. He’s cracked the $1 million in art sales mark. No mean feat for a pencil artist who lives in  Edmonton, AB, Canada.

I had a chance to Skype with Owen recently. We talked about two things near and dear to him and me:

  1. How to market art
  2. How to sell art effectively and profitably

Watch and Learn

Due to his extraordinary and public success, Owen’s had an unending list of artists hitting him up to learn how he made his art career success. He realized he could be more help and save himself time by organizing his responses.

Watch this video for practical ideas you can use to start using art shows to make money… and a lot more!

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A Synopsis of Our How to Profit from Art Shows Talk.

It was not just a brain dump on how to profit from art shows. We covered a wide-range if topics in our conversation about making money in the art market. It began with our mutual agreement that you have to take charge of your marketing.

If you’re not willing to put in the work to market your art, you need to be prepared to work for someone else. – Owen Garratt

Effective marketing is built on these three things:

  1. Education
  2. Reassurance
  3. Validation

Educate your buyers so they understand what they are getting. Reassure them they are making a good decision to buy. Validate your art is more than worthy of their purchase. You can learn to do all these things in casual conversation. It’s way more effective than smarmy sales tactics that everyone hates.

Cold Calling Works, But Owen Recommends Better Methods.

Owen started as a musician. When he began in his art career, he used an outgoing personality and previous cold calling experience to start calling on businesses to sell his art. He doesn’t recommend this as a way for today’s artists to build their busineses. He has better ways to help them.

In fact, he mentions most artists don’t like to sell. Just like most people don’t like to feel like someone is trying to sell them something. Owen has devised new ways to sell without trying to pin somebody to the mat in the process.

You Get the Same Questions — Learn to Anticipate Them and Use to Your Benefit.

In doing art show as a regular part of his business, and in his gallery, he found people ask the same questions and make the same observations over and over again. He found addressing questions and potential objections before they were asked or posed set himself up as both transparent and authentic. It put people at ease dealing with him.

He developed a method of selling at shows that did not include the traditional selling techniques we have all read about over the years. He doesn’t use trial closing questions like, “Do you want to pay with cash or credit card?”

He gets very few objections because he has answered them before they get asked. Same with general questions. He says when doing art shows, you find people ask the same questions, for instance, “What were you thinking when you painted this?”

The Trick Is to Apply the Answer before They Ask the Question.

He teaching selling skills that are neither high-pressure nor that make potential buyers uncomfortable. Owen teaches to sell your art by using the same kind of chit-chat that you use when having a conversation while waiting in line at the grocery, at a bank or the DMV. He says if you can do that, you can sell art.

Pull together a list of always asked questions. Include the answers in your conversation before they are asked.

Before you decide how to do this, ask yourself who you are, why do you make art, who do you expect to buy your art. In his program, Owen helps artists with these questions and explains the importance of going through this process.

How Profit from Art Shows
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Galleries Are Not the Answer.

There are advantages to gallery representation, and drawbacks. It’s hard to wait months and months for sales and payment.

We talked about the need for having an alternative to getting into galleries. And, we covered in some depth why working with art print publishers will not make you a career. You will learn what is the difference between art print publishing and licensing. And, a little bit about how the licensing market works.

Why Websites Are Not the Answer – Why Marketing Online Isnt Either.

Owen tells us it took nine years from the time he built his website until he made his first sale from it. He goes on to identify and talk about the two big problems about marketing online… make sure you listen for those nuggets in the video.

If I Just Could…

  • Get in a gallery
  • Get my online art sales rolling
  • Find a great art rep

Owen hears these laments all the time, (And, so do I). It comes from artists who are struggling to get sales and who feel like they just need a break to start making things happen.

Owen Offers a Better Solution.

He advises to just talk to people about what you do. With his methods you don’t need:

  • Shopping carts
  • SEO
  • Social media, or even a
  • Website

And with his way of selling art, you get fast results.

Art Shows Are the Key to Profitability for Many Artists.

Owen expands the definition of an art show. He is not confined through his marketing to shows that are set up specifically to sell art. For instance, he has found he can can make good money at farmers markets. For example, he pays not more than $50 for a table. He makes $40 – $1400 in sales on average.

Inventory Is Not an Issue.

He tells you why you don’t need much inventory to take to a show. In fact, he takes in one better and explains how to use low inventory to your advantage. He makes a negative into a positive with this approach.

How to Use Shows to Grow Your Email List.

As you listen, you will learn unique ways to capture email leads.  He provides ideas on how he uses art shows help build an email list. He has easy and effective ways to sort/qualify email signups into viable and non-viable categories. He even got 1,200 names on his email list from one show.

One Artist Made $15,000 at His First Show… a Home Show!

Although he is quick to tell you he doesn’t make that much at all his shows, and that everything had to line up just right for that result. However, it is possible to go to some non-traditional art shows and do very well in sales. He has the proof.

In his training course, he helps artists learn what to do between shows. He helps them understand how to keep money coming in during the months when there are no shows.

Why Luck Is Often Recognizing Opportunity & Acting On It!

We talked about how what seems like luck is not that at all. How having the right attitude towards opportunity and work ethic creates luck. How being open to an opportunity and seizing on it is what often makes luck.

Besides having the right attitude towards opportunity, Owen had found the most successful artists are those who commit to learning. You can do-it-yourself, or get some help. His Marketing Tools for Artists program is a great way to learn new ways to sell more art.

Owen is giving my readers $100 off on the regular price of the course. It’s $197 instead of the full price of $297. I have added a free copy of my bestselling e-book, The Zen of Selling Art as part of the package. It gives useful advice for selling art, mostly for selling in-person situations.
Everyday, I learn about new ways art is getting sold. Owen has opened my eyes to yet more.

CLICK HERE to order Marketing Tools for Artists.

How Profit from Art Shows
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