White Horse Pub on The Green, Biddestone, Wiltshire


Biddestone, Wiltshire, 22" x 15".

A very picturesque village in Wiltshire UK and a filming location for the TV series 'Agatha Raisin'.  This was the first of 2 plein air paintings on a recent trip with some other artist friends.  In fact we were all wandering around the village looking for suitable painting spots and one of the residents thought we were the film crew.  It was mid summer but freezing cold in the morning.  I could have done with some gloves.  There's a couple of good pubs in the village and this is the central one on the Green.  Most of the time there was a beer delivery lorry outside the pub hiding most of what was in the central part of the composition, so I had to regularly move to one side by a few metres to check on the view!

Source : timwilmot[dot]com