What’s New in the Studio

Just looking around the studio this morning at a whole bunch of unfinished projects, wondering which ones to focus on first. That’s not a bad problem to have, actually, but it does tend to give me pause. What it means is that I need to clear some space in order to focus. Am I the only one?

Over here are several little baby canvases ready for their last coat of clear gel. Once that’s been applied and has a day to dry, I can move them out of the way.

Over here is a stack of my favorite size of small panels with texture applied, waiting patiently for me to get back to work on them.

And in several places around the studio are some half-finished, fairly large canvases. I’d say there are a half dozen of those standing up against the wall.

It’s been unusually cold in our neck of the woods, so that’s going to be my excuse. It’s cold in the studio. It has its own heating, but I’d have to commit a day to be out there working. OK, I’ve talked my way through this dilemma. Now time to get to work on it.

Just a quick note about my Etsy shop: If you know of anyone who’d like some affordable art that is small enough to fit just about anywhere, and can brighten your day, please save the link and share it freely. You, my faithful blog readers, have always been the people who have kept me going and helped me get the word out about my work, and for that I am forever grateful.

Have a creative day!

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