Watercolor Essentials | A Must-Have Guide to Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Essentials watercolor painting magazine
Mastering the art of watercolor painting is a lifelong pursuit. The bad news is there’s no universally prescribed path or manual to guide your artistic development. The good news: That’s what makes the endeavor so exciting. Much like yourself, your artwork changes as you encounter and assimilate new sources of inspiration and information.
With this in mind, we at Watercolor Artist magazine are thrilled to present Watercolor Essentials, a collection of some of the best advice shared in our popular column of the same name. From step-by-step demonstrations of basic techniques to the painting skills you’ll need to master your favorite subjects, this special issue is packed with practical pointers that you can immediately put to use in the studio.

Featured artists include: Charles Reid, John Salminen, Laurin McCracken, Jean Pederson, Roberta Carter Clark, James Toogood, Cathy Johnson, Mark Willenbrink, Joyce Faulknor, Frank Spino, Betsy Dillard Stroud and Donald Patterson

Highlights in Watercolor Essentials include:

  • The five techniques that provide the foundation for all watercolor painting
  • The basic elements of art—perspective, value, shape, color and texture—and how you can put them into practice in your next work
  • The organizing principles of design and how they impact your work
  • Tips and advice for painting the most popular subjects: landscapes, figures and still lifes

Don’t miss this must-have issue designed to help you take your paintings to the next level!

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