Waste Of Meat

There is a disgusting show on the food network called Ginormous Foods. Some clown goes to restaurants where they serve 10 pound BBQ sandwiches or hamburgers with 8 patties of beef. Dumb people think it's really cool so they order it to take selfies. Then they take a few bites and throw the rest away. Each year, meat thrown in the garbage equates to 12 billion animals slaughtered for no reason. An extraordinary amount of living creatures born to be wasted. We don't hear much about the land, water and energy being used to produce, process and transport them all because it doesn't appear on food labels. But each burger is a result of a major use of natural resources. Producing, processing and transporting food means using a huge amount of land, water, and energy – largely fossil fuels, that contribute to climate change. Thankfully we have a new president who was able to solve climate change by waving a magic wand. So I guess everyone can just go back to destroying the earth, Donald and the food network say it's not really a problem.
Source : tommykane[dot]blogspot[dot]com