Tomato Soup For Breakfast and Some Winter Paintings

Last night at midnight, I was putting the finishing touches on a new 8x10" winter painting titled, "Tea Kettle Cafe".  I could have used some of that warm tea before bedtime!

"Tea Kettle Cafe"  8x10" Original
Available at Dutchland Galleries.
Framed canvas prints available soon in my Etsy Shop.

 This morning I was able to sleep in a little bit longer than usual and so I had tomato soup for breakfast and a grilled cheese sandwich to dip into it.   Or maybe I should call it brunch, so it doesn't sound so weird.  Do any of you eat strange things for breakfast?  I'd love to know.   So, let me explain the tomato soup thing.  I'm not very fond of cold cereal and I usually eat eggs, but I have to save them for the Thanksgiving stuffing.  When I opened the refrigerator this morning, I spotted a partial can of leftover tomato soup that I used for last night's supper recipe.  I was feeling the need for something warm.  So that's my explanation.

As I was dipping my grilled cheese into my soup, I was reminded of a time in my childhood when eating tomato soup for breakfast was not so uncommon.  I grew up in a home with six brothers.  My father worked at a school as a music teacher and my mother stayed home and raised all of us.  My father also had a second job in the evening where he taught private music lessons.  One time his school went on strike and that meant big trouble for us.  With little pay from the music lessons, we went through a time of not knowing where our next meal would come from.  I remember my mother telling us one morning that we were having tomato soup for breakfast.  It was all we had left in the cupboard, but it was good.  We never worried, because we knew we had a God that was a great provider.  I also remember sitting at the table at supper and we bowed our heads and thanked God for what he would provide. We had empty plates in front of us.  Then we heard a knock at the door and it was a sweet lady from our church that brought us a large bag of corn on the cob from her farm.  Talk about God's perfect timing.  No one knew of our need, but God did.  Shortly after and just in time for dessert, another woman that we knew brought us a large bag of jelly cookies. That night, as we enjoyed the delicious corn and cookies, we were confident of God's provision and it left a huge impression on my life.  Today, the jelly cookie is still one of my favorites.

"Cottage on the Hill" 16x20"
Framed available soon in my Etsy Shop
Originally, I was going to call this post the "Three P's of Thanksgiving", the first being Provision. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for God's Provision.  Without His provision, we would not have our loved ones, a job, a roof over our heads and food to eat.  If we begin to think that we can do it without Him, we need to consider that it is our Creator that gives us the health and strength we have to be able to work.  As an artist, I am always thankful and amazed at His provision of new and returning buyers that God brings my way.

The second P is for Protection.  As I think of all the times that God has placed his hand of protection on us, I am so thankful.  With a new licensed driver in the house, I especially find myself praying for God's protection over my daughter.  I make it a habit to pray daily for His protection over my family and I am grateful for His hand on our lives.

The third P is for Peace.  I am so grateful that I have experienced both "Peace with God" and the "Peace of God".  If you could ask God for anything, what would it be?  I think the greatest desire for mankind is peace.  So many people are searching for this and they are looking in all the wrong places for it. They try to fill it with many things that don't have any lasting value or fulfillment.  The way to "Peace with God" starts with a personal relationship with Him. Praying and asking Christ to come into your life and starting a personal walk with Him is how I have experienced Peace with God.  Just come as you are.  You don't need to clean up your act or pray in any fancy way.  Just talk to Him. You develop your relationship with God just like you would with a friend.  You need to spend time with Him, reading His Word and praying.  The way to experience the "Peace of God" is by continuing daily in your walk with Him and when troubles arise, you will notice that you have profound peace even though everything around you may be in turmoil.

I hope that you take time this Thanksgiving to search your heart and ponder the goodness of God.  I hope you will experience His Provision, His Protection and most of all His Peace.

"Follow the Star" 8x10" Original
 Available at Dutchland Galleries.  
Framed canvas prints available in my etsy shop:

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