Sweet Interruptions

It’s such a joy to spend time in the studio with no interruptions — except, of course, from the dog and cat. I think those interruptions are a given. Just as I get settled with my music and my papers out on the table, the kitty sits down and stares up at me, asking me if I forgot something. No, I didn’t forget. It wasn’t time for her to eat, but tell that to her. So I feed the cat and sit back down to my work table. Five minutes later, here comes the dog asking to go outside. But no, I don’t dare sit back down, because in five more minutes she’s going to want back in again.

In the middle of all that, I did manage to get three new collages done. By the time I finished these three, I was on a roll and wanted to keep going. But now it’s supper time. Theses are already listed in my Etsy shop.

And here are the fur children who make my life more complicated than it could be, and more joyful than it would be without them!

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