Summer scheduling

I think life has speeded up since I left the day job at the end of February.  Not that I'm complaining about it.  I enjoy the pace and the variety and potential for the future that is unfolding.

Between working on a number of projects and commissions, I have managed to finish Flatrock Harbour and tackle another large piece that I'll share in a post another day. 

On Saturday July 18th, I'll be heading to the Wooden Boat Museum to do a painting demo of a new piece.  I painted at the museum last summer and its always interesting to meet people who come through and let them have a try at painting with a palette knife.  My new business cards should arrive next week, just in time to take with me as I'm running very low.

Then at the end of the month I head to Rocky Harbour in Gros Morne to run some gyotaku workshops. A dash back across the island, then I get on a plane to head to Saskatchewan and Alberta for a couple of weeks. Finally at the end of August I'm taking part in a local studio tour that winds its way through communities close by.  I haven't done one previously so am looking forward to taking part and comparing notes afterwards.

Meanwhile renovations are taking place to put in a new kitchen, patio doors and deck.  With some delays making work run behind schedule, I've had to cancel the first two workshops for September, but hopefully all should be done before the last two workshops are due to start.  

So with my schedule I may be even more scarce on my blog than I have been this month, but I'll try to get more posts in when I can.  You can always find me on Facebook or Twitter and follow my adventures there.

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