See the Story in this Landscape Watercolor Painting

The landscapes you’ve experienced in your lifetime may or may not have included farmland. And your history will dictate what you feel when you view a landscape watercolor painting such as Barn with Tractor (below) by Laurin McCracken. If I may, I’d like to share with you what I see, which is the result of my past and present.

On the side of the tree that’s cropped out, I see a tire swing hanging by a rope from the thickest branch. The swing is still now, but it has seen its share of laughter in its time. Behind the barn, I see perfect rows of corn that reflect the subtle, almost but not quite flat surface of the land. I see a farmer walking toward his house, his overalls faded and his skin tough from years under the sun, working with his hands. He’s following the sound of his wife’s voice, calling out, “Suppertime!”

I’ll bet they’re having green beans, cornbread, and ham.

Landscape watercolor painting by Laurin McCracken |

Barn with Tractor (transparent watercolor on 300-lb. soft-pressed Fabriano Artistico, 17×14) by Laurin McCracken,

As a viewer, that’s my personal reaction to McCracken’s watercolor landscape, which is featured in Splash 16: Exploring Texture. I’m sure your interpretation is different, and I invite you to share it in the comments section below.

McCracken tells us about Barn with Tractor: “I had taken a lot of photographs of barns in the Mississippi Delta, but this was the first one that told me it could be a watercolor. The sun raking across the delicate texture of the grass contrasting with the solid tractor in the shadow of the barn is what compelled me to paint this landscape. The textures of the leaves in the trees, the roof and siding of the barn, and the grasses in the foreground gave me a vocabulary of techniques by which I could tell the story.”

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Live inspired,

Cherie Haas, online editor

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