Roadkill To Table

I have come up with a new twist on the farm to table movement. It's called the roadkill to table movement. People accidentally annihilate a lot of animals each year on our highways. We should not let this meat go to waste. No one knows the exact amount of animals killed by cars but it is in the millions. I envision roadkill tow trucks that are alerted and then go pick up the carcasses. They get taken to the nearest butcher or slaughterhouse. There's plenty of deer, turkeys, squirrels, possums, woodchucks and whatnot to churn out plenty of hamburger patties and sausages. But here is the beauty of my plan, these millions of pounds of meat are an unexpected windfall. Once all of this goes into our food system, we will not have to slaughter as many pigs, cows and chickens. Each pound of roadkill will save a pound of meat from an animal about to be sent for slaughter, thereby reducing the number of animals needed to be raised. We will still produce the same amount of meat with a bit less murder (roadkill is an accident). As Martha Stewart would say, "it's a good thing."
Source : tommykane[dot]blogspot[dot]com