Prepare for InkTober With These Drawing Tips

In addition to Halloween, pumpkin pie and sweater-weather, October has a special meaning for those of us who like to draw: #InkTober! If you’re not familiar with this awesome trend that was started by Jake Parker, let me explain. 

#InkTober inspiration |

Throughout the month of October, artists all over the world share their sketches and drawings by posting them on social media and giving them the hashtag #InkTober. Since it’s just around the corner, North Light Shop has a really cool offer for you–for just $13 you can get a Travelogue journal and a Pigma Micron .08 black pen. You’ll be armed and ready!

To give you some inspiration, here are some of my favorite drawings and sketches found in Drawing 365: Tips and Techniques to Build Your Confidence and Skill by Katherine Tyrrell.

#Inktober idea; drawing by Jhih-Ren Shih |

Chinese New Year in Wimbledon, England’ (Pin pen and watercolor) by Jhih-Ren Shih.

Drawing tip #193: “A couple of very long road trips in the US taught me about the diverse and interesting opportunities that places to eat offer for drawing within a limited timeframe. I also learned to sketch very fast while eating.”

#Inktober idea; drawing by Katherine Tyrrell |

Hospital Sketch 1′ (pen, sepia ink and colored pencil) by Katherine Tyrrell, who sketched the ward while waiting to go to the operating room.

Drawing tip #201: “Sketch the context. In a waiting area of any sort, you have the time to make a study of the context. This is when you start drawing the oddest items.”

#Inktober idea; drawing by Teoh Yi Chie |

‘Cathedrale y Giraldo in Seville, Spain’ (pen and ink) by Teoh Yi Chie (Pin this!)

Drawing tip #214: “People that street! This drawing has a wonderful top line, and the sense of scale is helped by the people sitting on the wall in the foreground.”

Get your copy of Drawing 365, and then save 40% on the Travelogue journal and Micron pen when you buy them together here. I’ll be on the lookout for your InkTober sketches, so be sure to use the hashtag. Where do you play online? Wherever you are, you can find us on Twitter @ArtistsNetwork, on Pinterest and on Facebook. Next month we’ll kick it off with more special offers to support your endeavors, and I’ll even share the details for a sweet #InkTober giveaway.

Stay tuned, and happy hashtagging!

Cherie Haas, online editor

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