Portrait By An 8 Year Old

My niece Colette is 8 years old. I asked her to do a portrait of me during the holidays. She attacked the expensive Arches, French watercolor paper I had supplied to her. With no planning whatsoever, she just jumps right in and draws like a maniac. When she got to my sweater, she started to do it with a pencil just like she did my 5 o'clock shadow. Suddenly she stopped and asked if I had watercolors. When she got a hold of them she just did the sweater in no time flat. She seemed pleased with every decision she made. Colette asked me how to make flesh color. I gave her some hints and off she went with very little care or thought. She just goes on instinct. When she got to the eyebrows, she put the brown paint over the already wet flesh colored paint causing it to spread. Perfection in her mind. She tossed it to me without a care in the world as if she knocks out a hundred of these a day. I learned a lot watching a master at work.
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