Pastel Pick of the Week: Winners of the 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

The number of entries for this year’s Pastel 100 Competition came to a total of more than 2,000. That’s a lot of paintings. And a lot of pastel talent. We’re pleased to announce the names of the winners in Pastel Journal‘s 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition.

We’ll have reproductions of all the prizewinning paintings, as well as artist interviews and juror comments, in the March/April 2017 issue of Pastel Journal. Until then, we offer our congratulations to the following award winners for their outstanding achievement in pastel:

Pastel Journal Founder’s Award in Memory of Maggie Price ($5,000)
Tina Spratt

Pastel Journal Award of Excellence ($2,500)
Jian Wang

Ruth Richeson Pastel GOLD Award (pastels and surfaces valued over $2,000)
Becky Johnson

Richeson Pastel SILVER Award (pastels and surfaces valued over $1,500)
Jeri Greenberg

Richeson Pastel BRONZE Award (pastels and surfaces valued at $1,000)
Diana Sanford

Landscape & Interior Winners (Juror: Barbara Jaenicke)

  1. Jeanne Rosier Smith
  2. Jacob Aguiar
  3. Jennifer L. Hoffman
  4. Nancie King Mertz
  5. Linda Mutti

Landscape & Interior Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Aline Ordman
Andrew McDermott
Bre Barnett Crowell
Dennis Rhoades
Dug Waggoner
Helen Kleczynski
Jane McGraw-Teubner
Jeanne Tangney
Jeff Ventola
Jennifer Evenhus
Jeri Greenberg
Julie Freeman
Jung Johnson
Kathleen McDonnell (2)
Kathleen Weil
Kathy Howard
Kris Buck
Linda Mutti
Luke Goldfinch
Lyn Asselta
Maria Baggetta
Nancie King Mertz
Nancy Nowak
Stan Bloomfield
Terri Ford (2)

Portrait & Figure Winners (Juror: Vianna Szabo)

  1. Zheng Nan
  2. Jerry Brown
  3. Gwenneth Barth-White
  4. Alina Swanson
  5. Tai Meng Lim

Portrait & Figure Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Aurelio Rodríguez López
Bev Lee
Brenda Hash
Daggi Wallace
Danielle Richard
Devdatta Padekar
Dimitri Kaliviotis
Glen Maxion
Janet A. Cook
Jia Wei
Nancie King Mertz
Otto Stürcke
Patricia Hannaway
Ronnie Offen
Sherry Clark
Tina Moore
William Schneider
Yael Maimon

Still Life & Floral Winners (Juror: Brian Bailey)

  1. Aurelio Rodríguez López
  2. Trish Acres
  3. Sarah Blumenschein
  4. Jane Penfield
  5. Silja Salmistu

Still Life & Floral Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
François Malnati
Javad Soleimanpour
Jennifer Evenhus
Jude Tolar
Maryann Mullett
Otto Stürcke
Sarah Blumenschein
Tai Meng Lim

Animal & Wildlife Winners (Juror: Elizabeth Ganji)

  1. Carol Summerlin
  2. Yael Maimon
  3. Sarah Worrell
  4. James Kasperek
  5. Edgar Carabio

Animal & Wildlife Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Alain Dansereau
Anne McGrory
Aurelio Rodríguez Lópezr
Ivanie Finsvik
Louise Scott
Melissa Breault
Patsy Lindamood
Paula Pearl
Trisha Richie

Abstract & Non-Objective Winners (Juror: Marcia Holmes)

  1. Stan Bloomfield
  2. Isabelle V. Lim
  3. Laura Pollak
  4. Colette Odya Smith
  5. Arlene Richman

Abstract & Non-Objective Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Barbara Noonan
Bre Barnett Crowell
Ed Chesnovitch
Frederick D. Somers
Michele Kenna
Stan Bloomfield
Tara Will
Tom Owen

A very special note of thanks to our generous sponsors:
 Jack Richeson & Co. for sponsorship of the Ruth Richeson Pastel GOLD Award, Richeson Pastel SILVER Award and Richeson Pastel BRONZE Award; Terry Ludwig Pastels (first place category sponsor); Great American Artworks (second place category sponsor); Holbein (third place category sponsor); PanPastels (fourth place category sponsor); and UART (fifth place category sponsor) for donating wonderful material prizes for all our category winners!

Please note: The number of honorable mentions per category was determined by the number of entries in the category and adjusted to reflect similar ratios. For example, the Landscape + Interior category received the most entries, and includes the highest number of honorable mentions.

Source : artistsnetwork[dot]com