Parked cars leading up to the Horseshoe Pub, Chipping Sodbury.


Chipping Sodbury, England, 22" x 15".

Back to a familiar subject for me and my local town of Chipping Sodbury in the South West of England.  Here we have a row of parked cars leading up to the Horseshoe Pub at the top of the high street.  Painting parked cars is always a bit of a challenge from this angle compared to painting them head on.  You have lots of funny angles, perspectives and reflections in the windscreens.  So the choice is you paint loose or go for a realistic style.  Well I paint loose.  As the paint was damp in the shadows, I dropped in a few bits of clear water to add a bit more interest - as in the far left wheel.

Source : timwilmot[dot]com
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