Off The Beaten Path

This is a painting of So Ha vegetable shop at 24 Graham Street in Central, Hong Kong. It's the best one I did while there. Now this shop has been bulldozed to rubble. I tried very hard to get every detail. The woman working in the shop was very pleased. Everyone who looked at my drawing book knew exactly where this place was. I'm glad I captured it perfectly. There is a Korean producer I worked with in Seoul named Charles. He also makes a lot of movies in Hong Kong. He just happened to be there when I was in town. One night, he took Yun and I out to dinner with him. Because he knows all the ins and outs of the Kong, he took us to a very unusual place that no tourist could ever find. The cabdriver kept arguing with Charles as we were driving there. "How do you know about this place?" He asked Charles that over and over. Charles told him he was friends with the owner, who stays at Charles home with his family when they come to Seoul. Our cabdriver was skeptical. When we got there the place looked abandoned. We rode an escalator up several floors of this enormous scary building. When we entered, I could not believe what I was seeing. It looked like a giant condemned warehouse with high ceilings. Makeshift fluorescent lights hung from above. A million tables haphazardly placed. Children running around everywhere. So much noise and chaos. One would be afraid to eat anything there except for the fact that we were with Charles. He was right, the food was great and I loved the insane atmosphere. We survived to tell about it.
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