My Summer Discovery and an Indoor Herb Garden

This summer, I discovered the cause of my constant headaches and 24/7 dizziness.  After being misdiagnosed for the last 22 years, I came across the real diagnosis while doing my own research. Sometimes you just have to search things out for yourself when you can't get any answers.  In July, my dizziness was through the roof and that was enough to make me no longer "just live with it" as I was told, but to take matters into my own hands.  While researching, I came across a condition and a support group with people who were facing the exact the same issues and symptoms as I was having.

The condition is called Vestibular Migraine.  I could hardly believe it!  Now, I never considered myself a migrainer, but the headaches I randomly have are mild compared to some people. Some people with Vestibular Migraine, never get a headache, just dizziness and they are called silent headaches.   I learned early on, that if I ate certain foods, I would get a headache, so I avoided them.  Also smells like perfume and chemicals would sometimes lead to a headache or a rash.  But I had no idea, that the constant dizziness was a part of the headache, an aura, so to speak.  I believe that the reason for the 24/7 dizzies was because I ate everyday, duh, and therefore many more foods that I never suspected were also a big part of my triggers.

It hasn't been easy, but through elimination of various foods and many chemical ridden foods, plus a lot of trial and error, I am starting to have good days,  among the rough ones and mostly headache free days.  Yay!  I have seen some other areas of healing in my body as well, as I journey through eating a whole foods, mostly plant based diet, so that is also a wonderful benefit.  I'm not feeling perfect, but at least I'm well enough to enjoy my life and I feel grateful for the health I have.

Now, for today's project.  Now that I'm eating as close to the earth as I can, I thought it would be fun to set up an indoor herb garden, so I have plenty of fresh green herbs when I cook.

I had this box sitting in the garage since last winter.  My husband wondered what I was going to do with it, as it still had last fall's dead foliage in it, LOL!  So, now I think he will be quite happy to see that I am making good use of it.

I picked up some of my favorite culinary herbs at the garden center and some organic soil.

 Then, I gathered some supplies and a cute round stone and was ready to go.

I lined the box... 

...then planted my herbs.  I kept the tags as temporary markers, until I make something a little prettier to mark them.

I wrote "herbs" on the little rock to sit inside the box, but you can put a fairy or whatever you like as an embellishment.  I also have a grow light that hides at the top of my window that will give my herbs enough light.

Now, my little herb garden is right in reach as I navigate a new way of flavoring my food.  Do you have an indoor herb garden, or any tips for growing herbs indoor?  I'd love to see some photos.  If you have some to share, I will do a post on them.  Send photos to

I hope you are having a wonderful fall day!  Have a great weekend.

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