Mixing Media and Inspiration

I’ve frequently observed how much one medium influences another. In the past year of doing mostly watercolors, this habit of working has found its way into my subconscious. When I want to work in acrylics, I find myself wanting to make them more fluid, and move around more on the canvas.

This past week I was creating a background with acrylics on a 30×40-inch canvas that will eventually have some abstract birds in the composition. I noticed a set of alcohol inks on the studio table that I hadn’t really used all that much at all since I was gifted with them a while back. So I started applying those over the acrylic colors and got this. It’s only a start, but I like what’s happening.

My M.O. is usually to just plunge in, do something, and ask questions later. So after having a little fun with these inks, I decided to refresh my memory about how other artists have been using them. I mainly wanted to know how permanent they are (they are, unless you disturb them too much with rubbing alcohol) and therefore I’ll want to fix them with clear acrylic spray for the canvas.

Here’s a YouTube video by Tim Holtz, who represents a specific manufacturer, but he gives you a pretty detailed descripton of the process. This video is 17 minutes long, so you may want to fast forward parts of it.

Imagine the possibilities for collage papers and even for gelli printing. Fun time!

Source : artistsjournal[dot]wordpress[dot]com