Learning on the Job

As I recently wrote, I’m still teaching a watercolor class for beginners. Ages in the class range from 19 to 91! I don’t think 91-year-old Bettye would mind it one bit if I publicized a picture of her posing with a recent painting. She’s always very proud of her work. I photograph all the paintings each time, but I don’t usually take a  picture of an individual student posting with their work. But with Bettye I do. Every time.

Bettye is amazing. I love to tell people that she goes to spin class three times a week. She no longer drives, but has enough friends and family members to get her where she needs to go.

Teaching watercolor is my way of learning on the job. I don’t charge for the classes, but I get more than I give to it. Still, when learning and teaching a new medium or skill, it’s a temptation to stick with conventional imagery. I’m getting a little restless now, after a year of this, and have started to wonder if the ladies (plus one brave man!) would like to cut loose and play a little. That’s still in the thinking stage.

A couple of weeks ago our lesson was sunflowers. Here is my class demo.

And although I did give them a sunflower drawing as a guide, they did their own interpretations. Here are a few of them. I adore sunflowers, don’t you?

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