I've Made Contact

Most kids or young hipsters won't even understand what this is. This is an illustration joke. I've made my drawings look as if they are photographs on a contact sheet. What is a contact sheet, you might ask? It's sort of like a rotary phone dial. Something commonly used a century ago. When one used to take photographs, they just didn't instantly appear in a folder in your pocket. You used to have to do something called, waiting. Once your photographs were taken, you brought the unprocessed film to a print shop. A day later you got a contact sheet. That was rows of tiny images printed on a single page. You'd use a magnifier type object (loop) to suss out the ones you desired. Then those selects got printed out, after more, you guessed it, WAITING. Half my life in advertising was spent hunched over contact sheets. So this advert I did for my new book is targeted at older folks. People who would know what a subway token is.
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