Holiday Traditions and a New Painting

It has been a busy end of year for our family.  Our month of December included juggling work schedules, hosting and attending several family Christmas gatherings, attending candlelight and Christmas Eve services, enjoying a Christmas play, shopping for gifts, and hosting a New Years Day Dinner party.   So now that things have quieted down a bit, I would like to share a few photos of the last month's traditions,  highlights and a recent new painting.


One of our holiday traditions is called the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Twelve Days prior to Christmas, our daughter gets to open a small gift after dinner.  This year we choose 12 different chocolate candy treats.  Each package also has a bible verse attached to the back that has reference to the birth of Christ.

Over the years, our favorite white Christmas tree had been starting to fade into an uneven off-white color, so I spruced it up this year with spray paint.  I  took it outside several weeks prior to Christmas and ended up using 6 cans of spray paint to do the job.  I used large sheets of cardboard to protect the grass and it aired out for several weeks in the garage.  Hopefully it's good to go for another 10 years. I decorated with a red and white theme this year and got matching wrapping paper.  To make it easy, we each got a different wrapping paper for all of our gifts, eliminating the need for tags.  With our small family, it was easy to remember which paper belonged to whom, but it could be a little challenging to remember if you do this with a large family. 

On Christmas morning we all sleep in late.  After we are ready, we have a tradition of making homemade stromboli for brunch and then we open gifts.  

This year, I set up the Central Market Putz I made a few years ago from cracker and cereal boxes.  I  also covered old soccer balls with sheet music circles for the vases.  Everything is very sparkly, but the picture just doesn't capture it.

Every Christmas, I do a painting for my hubby and this year's is titled, "The Bird Watcher".  Giclee prints will soon be available.  I would love to make a series of porch paintings this year, one for each month, so I can create a calendar of them for 2018.  Can you guess which month this is for?  I also made a small folk art calendar for 2017 that is now available on zazzle.  You can find this by clicking into the zazzle panel at the very bottom of my blog.  I purchased one to check the quality and I am very happy with it.  Be sure to check it out if you are still looking for a calendar for 2017.

In case you were wondering what I did with the little Jiffy Corn Bread box from my November 8 post, you can see it in my New Year's Day Centerpiece that I created for a family dinner party.  It's the little cabin in the arrangement.  I also made one into a gingerbread house for the other side of the arrangement too.

In keeping with the green theme, each guest went home with a little terrarium plant too.  

In my next post, I will show how I made the centerpiece, which would also be fun for a spring dinner party.  

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday!  I will leave you with a question today.  What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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