Green Inspiration

The other day when I was out taking a walk in the rain, a verse came to me.  Psalm 92:14 NIV states, "They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green."  I've been thinking about the color green for quite some time.  I've always loved the fresh vibe that greens give off and you will see it in just about everything I paint.

Painting in Progress

My latest painting in progress has a lot of green and so I was inspired to freshen up the house with a few green elements that I have recently collected to welcome in spring.  When finished, this painting will be available at Dutchland Galleries in Intercourse, PA.

I first started greening things up on the mantle by repainting some old frames with a medium green that I often use in my paintings.   I also found a green glass star at a local secondhand store.

My ivy plant needed a little more light, so I moved it to a brighter spot by the hearth and corralled some green books, a green spring stitchery piece and a faux candle to complete the vignette.

I found two cute leaf pattern pillows at the secondhand store and dressed up the two recliners surrounding the fireplace to add a pop of green.

To complete the spring look, I changed out the painting above the right chair and replaced it with one of my spring canvas prints, "Blossoming Love".  You can purchase or order this print locally at the Peebles and Lace gift shop in Lititz, PA.  In comes in 16x20 (shown here-this frame not included) or 8x10.

I also created a spring vignette on top of my print cabinet using some green books, green frogs and a green nest.  (Coincidentally, I love to decorate with frogs as it was my nickname growing up.)

I found this cute ceramic green boot vase at a secondhand shop and filled them with flowers to greet me each time I do the dishes at the kitchen sink.  This way I don't mind doing them as I have something fun to look at.

And last but not least, I scored this mint green vintage milk shake maker at a public sale that my husband and I recently attended.  I think my hubby and daughter will enjoy giving this machine a work out.

I hope you enjoyed my green inspiration.  Are you inspired by the color green?  What is your favorite way to incorporate green into your decor?  Be sure to get out and take in all the greenery God has given us to enjoy!

Source : starlitestudios[dot]blogspot[dot]com