Google Gone Rogue

Google has made a giant gaffe about me. In the past, I have written about the fact that there was an NFL football player named Tommy Kane too. He is notorious because he murdered his wife and is serving 20 years in prison. Our world's collide online because we both have a lot of google power. Recently a woman left a comment on one of my blog posts. Her rant went something like this, "why are all of you people complimenting this artist, don't you realize he murdered his wife." Somehow she mixed us up which I thought was odd because that never happened before. Recently I was at the Apple store looking at the new imacs. I googled my name to see how my website looked on the new screen. That was the moment I made the discovery. Google has somehow really mixed us up. If you google my name, the first thing to come up is a wikipedia page about the murderer NFL football player Tommy Kane BUT they have substituted his photo with my photo. That explains why some woman was ranting about me being a killer. So I guess from now on if anyone will do a background check on me, they will be quite surprised. At least they shaved a few years off my age and I do get credit for playing in the NFL.
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