Fake News

Most people don't know that it is perfectly legal to whack the family pooch or your pet cat and barbeque it. Actually, you can only do it in 44 states but that seems beside the point. The fact that you can do it is amazing. You just can't sell the meat to a restaurant or supermarket. In a world of Fake News, this bit of information will be hard to digest. But there is a silver lining. A democratic congressman named Alcee Hastings has just introduced legislation called the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act. This would supposedly prevent these animals from being killed and consumed. Seeing as this is no different from eating any other animal, some people might say, "Hey I have pet pigs and chickens, maybe they should be included in this bill too." The meat industry would go into a tizzy. I think the meat industry wants you to know that you'll at least get some protein if you do broil a neighborhood stray. If you're thinking of eating the family pet, at least find a good recipe I always say.
Source : tommykane[dot]blogspot[dot]com