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Email Marketing Is Powered by List Building

Starting an online business involves several moving parts. What if there was a way to easily communicate, educate, and sell your products to your audience? There is and it’s email marketing. 

Register for the free 72-hour List Building Challenge. It starts Feb. 16. From Convertkit. It includes a free 30-day trial if you need it. The goal is to gain 100 subscribers. REGISTER HERE

Here is a quote from Jason Horejs. He and I have collaborated on several Art2Market broadcasts about email marketing:

In the digital age, there are many tools you can use to reach out to potential customers. The last several years have seen an explosion in communication channels. You can share your artwork on your blog, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr, just to name a few.

Often overlooked, however, is one of the most powerful tools – email. A well-cultivated email list gives you a direct channel of communication with potential buyers. Learn how to how to build a powerful email strategy and give you tips on how to make your emails effective. ~ Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery

Getting started is the hardest part. That’s why I’ve teamed up with ConvertKit to showcase simple and effective list building strategies in this 72-Hour List Building Challenge!

During this challenge, Nathan Barry and the ConvertKit Team will provide you with the tools and resources to build your email list to over 100 people in just 72-hours! Did we mention this includes FREE access to ConvertKit for 30-days for first time ConvertKit customers?!

Here’s how the 72-Hour Email Challenge Works:

  • Once a day for three days you’ll get an email from ConvertKit with specific instructions to grow your list.
  • If you complete the challenge, you’ll be entered to win a year’s subscription to ConvertKit!
  • You can participate in the challenge even if you don’t have a business or blog.
  • You won’t be required to pay for anything! If you’ve never tried ConvertKit before, you’ll get FREE access for 30-days if you need it!

This challenge starts Thursday, February 16th and runs through Saturday, February 18th.

Are you getting excited?! I know I am. I believe in the power of email marketing, and I’m ready to see you step up to the challenge!


Can’t wait to hear about the results of this challenge!

Email Marketing Tips — Leveraging Email to Generate More Art Sales.

Email marketing for artists - building your list
Make Email Marketing the Centerpiece of Your Art Marketing Strategy.

As a visual artist working today, you have a powerful array of art marketing tools at your disposal. The old standbys such as advertising, direct mail, publicity and press releases still work. With technology and the Internet, you also have a reliable ally in social media to add to the mix.

Nothing Beats Email Marketing. It Gets the Job Done.

Email marketing stands alone as the most potent tool in your art marketing arsenal. It is affordable, easy and efficient. The rise of consumers buying directly from the source gives it greater power.

As the 21st Century has evolved, so has the way we all shop — we buy online, including how we find and purchase art. Today’s art buyer is as likely to be influenced by messages received digitally from trusted sources as nearly anything save word of mouth.

Artists use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to develop followers and awareness for their work. While these websites and others provide all kinds of benefits to artists, they also share a common bond — it is their platform. It is their rules. For the most part, you are not a customer; you are a user. In a sense, you are a digital sharecropper toiling to bring traffic to their sites.

You Own Your Email Marketing. Use It for Your Best Art Marketing Results.

You own your list. No one can take it away from you. No one can stop you from using it. An active, responsive email marketing list is a bottom line asset.

With your email marketing, you control every aspect of how it works. You can send on a schedule best suited for your needs. You can build a vast list of subscribers whose interest and support can help you promote and sell your work without assistance from anywhere or anyone else. The only thing stopping you from using email marketing to grow your art business and solidify your art career is your willingness to make it happen.

The tools are readily available. They are free to very affordable. The amount of knowledge on how to use these tools is immense.

Commit to making email marketing work for you and reap the benefits.



P.S. Join the challenge today!  Did I mention this challenge included a FREE month of ConvertKit?

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