Dreaming Paintings

All artists get into a slump once in a while and then it becomes difficult to get back into familiar habits of working. Especially when life gets in the way, right? So right now I’m making a conscious effort to get the flow going again. As a result of showing up for work every day, I’m beginning to notice that I look forward to being in the studio more and more, and even hoping for a time when I dream paintings again. I’ve dreamed entire paintings in the past, and then when I wake up, I hurry to try my best to reproduce what I saw in my dream. It hasn’t happened for a very long time. It began happening when I was painting all the time — meaning, going into the studio and staying for most of the day. It was not unusual for me to skip eating, because food just didn’t enter my mind. It’s kind of trippy to have paintings, both real and imagined, constantly running through your brain. Will I get there again? One can only hope. With all the unsettling things going on in the world, added to trying to allow my grief process space to run its natural course, that would truly be a blessing.

Have you ever dreamed a painting?


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