Cleanup on Aisle Three

This studio has become unworkable. Now that I have private lessons in here twice a week, I’ve discovered there’s no place to lay out things to work on them myself. It is way past time to start tossing things.

I’ve always worked in the midst of controlled chaos, but this is ridiculous. Seriously.

On a happy note, I am having the best time with my new sketchbook, ultra fine point Sharpie, and my tiny watercolor field set and water brushes.

My next brave step is going to be sketching in public places like coffee shops and maybe the public library. It’s too cold to do that outside yet.

I strongly recommend a sketchbook. I never developed the sketchbook habit before, because my painting always involved paints and textures and materials and brushes. Now that I’m enjoying watercolor, doing lots of drawing is a necessary part of that. I couldn’t be happier.

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