Changing Seasons, Changing Colors

This year we had fall for about five minutes. I can’t complain, because at least there are falls were we live now. As it sometimes happens, the leaves turned, and then we had a lot of wind that blew them down. Then we had rain for what felt like 2 solid weeks. Day after day was dreary and wintry, and even now that the clouds have moved on, the color is going out of the landscape.

I did manage to take just a few pictures of the leaves before they were gone. The day I took these, we had seen just a few patches of blue sky, so I asked Jim to hurry and go with me to our favorite state park just up the road, to try to get a few photos. By the time we got there, the sky was mostly gray again. But I’m grateful I got to bring home some fall memories.

Wheeler 1 2015

Wheeler 6

This picture is of a little deer beside the road, just enjoying a moment in the sun. She looked up from grazing just long enough to reassure herself I wasn’t a threat, and went back to nibbling.

Wheeler Deer

And now, in just a few days, the colors everywhere are muted. These are the typical colors of approaching winter:

Wilson Dam Road

There is something incredibly beautiful about the colors all around us now — the ones that remain just before everything freezes. I love the colors in this last picture.

Deibert 2009

Here are a few collages of mine that are influenced by this palette. Isn’t it interesting how color in the environment affects everything we do?

Loops Series, All's Fair - Collage, 6x8" Mounted on 8x10" Backing

Loops Series, All’s Fair – Collage, 6×8″ Mounted on 8×10″ Backing

Just a Misunderstanding - Collage, 6x6"  on 9x9" backing

Just a Misunderstanding – Collage, 6×6″ on 9×9″ backing

No Expectations - Collage, 6x6 inches on 9x9 inch backing

No Expectations – Collage, 6×6 inches on 9×9 inch backing

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