Casey James Wilson







Casey James Wilson

Work from Physical Fitness @ Neon Heater.

“Via installation and photographic works, Physical Fitness addresses concerns of image consumption and prosumer commerce within the global marketplace, effectively re-contextualizing appropriated photographs and ready-made exercise equipment intended for self-improvement in order to present a foil for trends in the lifestyle commodity of personal fitness. Mining material from today’s lowest common denominators of immediacy and consumption (ie. google and amazon), products and product photographs are reimagined to new ends which absurdly subvert their original functions in an effort to challenge concepts regarding fitness and physical health lifestyles. Individual works address discreet concerns towards time, commitment, restraint, resistance, injury, anthropomorphic augmentation, and supplement addiction while opening a space for an overarching dialogue of how contemporary images and products provide consumers with identities for purchase.” – Casey James Wilson

Source : ilikethisart[dot]net
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