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I recently went back to draw at The Museum of Natural History. It was one of those days when there were a lot of school classes passing through. At one point, a few little kids about 7 years old, attached themselves to me while I was drawing this. One kid in particular started to barrage me with questions. He stood one inch away from my ear as I sat there. The he said, he wanted me to give him this drawing. I informed him I was in need of 2 more hours to finish it. He was undeterred. They he wanted his few other classmates to leave except they said they wanted drawings too. There was a lot of wacky requests. Finally his classmates left. In a while he realized his entire class was long gone. They had left him. It's hard for teachers to keep an eye on all these maniacs. I could hear him yelling, "where did everyone go" and "wait for me." He was funny and I wish he could have stayed but he needed to learn to stay with his class. I did give him a squirrel sticker. He was thrilled it had a gun. I'm sure his teacher would be scratching her head wondering where he got something like that.
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