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how to price your art

Learning How to Price Your Art Is Challenging!

Here is a collection of blog posts and a video to help you sort through the process and learn how to price your art.

The Psychology of Pricing Art

pricing art

The subject of pricing art almost always manages to become part of the conversation whenever artists discuss the business of art. There is as much angst and confusion around pricing art as anything artists deal with on the business side of their art careers.

Art Prices – Price Your Art Realistically

Pricing Art (1)

Alan Bamberger has been one of the smartest persons operating in the art patch for decades. His website is highly trafficked and well regarded. It’s because he is a prolific publisher of useful information as found in this post.

Help! How do I Price My Paintings?

KarenProsser – diptych

This post is found Cory Huff’s The Abundant Artist website. It is penned by his friend, fellow artist and longtime collaborator, Mellissa Dinwiddie. She is an artist, writer, performer, and creativity instigator, on a mission to empower people to feed their creative hungers. She coaches and consults with individuals and groups, and leads creativity workshops and retreats in inspiring locations around the world as well as online.

Pricing Your Artwork To Sell

Pricing Your Work to Sell

Watch this hangout with my friend and co-presenter, Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery and me. We cover lots of territories and explore many ideas around the best ways for how to price your art.

How to Price Your Artwork

how to price your artwork

This short article from Saatchi Art offers useful tips to help you price your art.

12 Tips for Pricing Your Art

12 Tips for Pricing Your Art

Alyson has been finding new ways to help artists succeed for fourteen years. The work she does stands up to the test of time as this blog attests. Her brand new Art Biz System is an example of the wonderful way she helps artists. Check it out.

How to Price Your Art to Make More Money

pricing your art

The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits. – Katharine Paine

Pricing Art Properly Is Challenging

For visual artists and other creatives, learning how to price your work is a bedeviling process.

You may have become an artist because you were compelled to use your creative talents. However, when you decided to make it a career, it became clear that correctly pricing your art is crucial to becoming profitable.

Download Your How to Find Collectors Mind Map Here

More than 50 ways to jog your memory and stimulate your thinking about where collectors congregate.

How to Find Collectors Mind Map (1)

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