A Time to Work and a Time to Play

Yesterday was the most glorious spring day imaginable. Breezy, sunny, and cool. I wanted so much to be in the studio, but instead I forced myself to get outside and do some much-neglected yard work. I knew that if I promised myself the “reward” of being able to do art after my chores were done, that they would get done and I’d feel all the more self-righteous about it. So here we are, a second beautiful spring day in a row, the work is done mostly done, and I can’t wait to do some art.

Here are three collages that I finished last week. A “dance” theme for titles this time. I think I titled the “Cha-Cha” one first. I think I like it best because it feels dance-y to me. OK – music will be playing in a little bit. Have a wonderful, creative day.

Bunny Hop – Collage, 4×4 inches

Tap Dance – Collage, 5 x 5 inches

Cha-Cha – Collage, 5 x 5 inches

Source : artistsjournal[dot]wordpress[dot]com