A Lasting Love of Art

Here we are in 2015, a year that even in the 1990’s I had a hard time envisioning. So much has changed in the world, even since I’ve been alive to see it. Imagine then, 100+ years ago. The year was 1913. I imagine that my great-grandparents may have been talking about having their first child. In the art world, George Bellows was exhibiting his painting, Cliff Dwellers, Salvador Dali was already painting as an adolescent, and in politics, Washington, D.C. was seeing the women’s suffrage movement.

And during this time, a book was published for young and adult artists alike, titled What to Draw and How to Draw It, by E. G. Lutz. Both timeless and now nostalgic, it has helped countless beginners learn drawing basics, such as how to use simple lines to make animal shapes and more.

Drawing Basics with E. G. Lutz, at ArtistsNetwork.com

Artwork from E. G. Lutz’s What to Draw and How to Draw It. Click here to “pin” this delightful rabbit drawing on your Pinterest art board.

We often say that art is timeless, and this is a perfect example. Within Lutz’s hardcover book are 150 illustrations, including step-by-steps of drawing basics. For a limited time, North Light Shop is offering not only What to Draw and How to Draw It, but also a set of charming “Happy Animal Time” note cards by Japanese artist Junzo Terada. I promise I’m not making that title up–see for yourself! I’ll be the first to admit that even the name makes my eyes light up a little more. Who can resist happy animals?! Check out the Draw-on-the-Go mini kit to get your set while they’re available.

I can guarantee that 100 years from now, people will be looking back at the changes our culture has brought forth, and they’ll still be making art. And that’s a good thing.

Here’s to a lasting love of art,

Cherie Haas, online editor

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